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Turkey Syria earthquakes 2023

 Ceyda was 19 when the quake destroyed her building the tragic story of a lost community

Those present said Orcan is home to a close-knit community, where neighbors frequently drank strong Turkish tea or coffee. residents of Orcana and other buildings on the street had WhatsApp groups and held regular meetings. "It felt like your home this week, you're next," said one resident. "It's the Turkish way. When asked about the neighborhood, Damli's uncle Emrullah, who ran a local grocery store, folded his arms. As? She said. Orcan has been around for decades. "I'm 50 and I remember walking past it on my way to and from school," said one man. When the earthquake struck, locals told us that buildings on Orcana Row collapsed "like dominoes. On either side of the line of destruction, similar buildings appear intact, and their occupants express guilt and relief.

  • The collapsed buildings that were meant to withstand an earthquake

  • Cansu, the local doctor, knew several people who lived in Orcan. She said she left her home after the earthquake and ran around the corner to the Ceyda Street entrance
    . The buildings along this line are now being crushed by a pile of rubble. Inside we see a few traces of the inhabitants: a dragon decorated with characters from the Disney film "Frozen"; a Quran torn; a crushed white oven; a clock with a red border stopped in time. The man whose grandfather, an avid swimmer with a love of beer and stuffed peppers, lived next door, rummaged in the rubble under Ceyda's tent and pulled out his cell phone. still worked and the background image was his grandfather's face. The man smiled bitterly.

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